Jógastöðin Yogavin,
Grensásvegi 16, efsta hæð,
108 Reykjavík

Dates & Times:
24.-28. August 2022.
Wednesday 24. August 13.00-17.00
Thursday 25. August 13.00-17.00
Friday 26. August 13.00-17.00
Saturday 27. August 13.00-17.00
Sunday 28. August 13.00-17.00

Before the first meeting:
Read the first chapters of Swami Satyananda’s book Yoga Nidra. It may be sufficient to read the first 60 pages, which provide a background to the practice.
The middle section presents several different scripts, and the last section deals with scientific research.
Listen to the yoga nidra audio recordings.
Of course, the best preparation of all is Nidra, a good nights sleep!

What to bring:
Please bring writing materials. We provide yoga mats, blankets and most other props we will be using. But feel free to bring your own favorite blanket, eye cushion, teddy bear or whatever else that helps you to be comfortable.

During the course:
Commit to a daily personal practice of yoga nidra and/or shavasana.
Development of a 15-20 minute yoga nidra script.