So you can put your feet behind your head, and can convince others to do the same. Now what? Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of an actual wider perspective to the fundamental human condition, that there is more to yoga than esoteric gymnastics for health and beauty. And more to teaching than career and prestige. It brings one inevitably nearer to the essence of life.

The inner workings of meditation cannot be taught, only experienced through tried and tested practices that lead to that state.
To awaken and train awareness, and to move to higher levels of understanding and expertise, requires commitment and perseverance.

Yoga Nidra teacher training.

Pranayama teacher training.


Painting of the Goddess Saraswati by Raja Ravi Varma, 1896.
Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning. She is popular amongst children being initiated in temples into the process of learning, where they receive books, pencils, pens and other learning equipment as Devi prasadam.
Sara can be translated as Essence, and Sva as Self, giving the meaning, She who helps realise the essence of Self, a knowledge that purifies.